Rail Vehicle Technology Competition


Since 2019, the "Yoodao Cup" Rail Vehicle Technology Industry Competition has been successfully held many times. As a cooperative enterprise of the Competition, Yoodao Technology provides the equipment and full process technical support for the Competition.

Rail Vehicle Technology Competition the major category is Transportation, which is fully oriented to the major directions of Transportation, Processing and Manufacturing, Automation, Electromechanical Equipment, Electronic Information, etc. of colleges and universities, including Urban Rail Transit Vehicle Operation and Maintenance, Electric Locomotive Operation and Maintenance, Railway Vehicle Operation and Maintenance, etc. (Secondary Level); Urban Rail Transit Vehicle Technology, Railway Vehicle Manufacturing and Maintenance, Railway Locomotive, Railway Vehicle and other majors (Higher Vocational).

The Competition takes urban rail transit vehicle maintenance, repair and debugging as the technical platform, covering vehicle component maintenance, control circuit and air circuit equipment maintenance, system function debugging and other aspects, and comprehensively examines the contestants' drawing reading, assembly process, detection and measurement, equipment maintenance, troubleshooting ability, etc.All competition equipment provided by Yoodao uses real vehicle components as the core, is equipped with professional inspection and measurement tools, and is integrated and optimized. The composition and working principle of the equipment are completely consistent with the real vehicle, the manufacturing process and standard are leading in the industry, and can be connected with the " Rail Vehicle Technology " project of the World Skills Competition.

Rail Vehicle Technology Competition follow the development and demand of urban rail transit construction, aiming to lead the education and teaching reform of relevant majors in technicians and vocational colleges, promote the in-depth cooperation between higher vocational schools and enterprises, and explore new ways and methods to cultivate high-quality and skilled talents in rail transit and related majors.


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