Operational Design and Emergency Response of Urban Rail Transit Competition


This competition is a large-scale competition under the theme of "Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future", through exchanges and cooperation of the five BRICS member states, promote the Application of Urban Rail Transit Passenger Flow Analysis and Operational Design Technology within the BRICS and the Belt and Road, and promote the integration of Urban Rail Transit Passenger Flow Analysis and Operational Design skills with innovation of the times.

The operation of urban rail transit has gone through the single track operation stage and entered the network operation stage. Among them, operation management talents account for more than 60% of the talent demand of urban rail transit industry, and the most advanced equipment and technology are widely used in China's urban rail transit industry, therefore, higher and stricter requirements are put forward for the comprehensive theoretical knowledge and cross professional operation skills of practitioners that should have the ability to cross major, relearn, and solve problems comprehensively.

This competition reflects the requirements of scientific and technological progress and industrial upgrading. It is conducive to promoting the transformation of this competition results and the close integration of production, learning, research and use, further deepening the integration of industry and education, school enterprise cooperation, and providing future technical and skilled talents for the development of Rail Transit Industry.


BRICS Business Council

International Alliance of Skills Development (IASDBR)

“Belt & Road”and BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Training Center


China Association of Inventions

China Center for International People-to-People Exchange Ministry of Education, P.R.China

Event Co-hosts

China Institute of Communications Education


BRICS Business Council Skills Development Working Group (BBC SDWG)


Yoodao Technology Co.,Ltd

Beijing Rail Talent Development Co., Ltd

Beijing ARC Xinxing Scienceand TechnologyCo., Ltd.

Special Co-organizers:

Beijing Investment Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Beijing JiaoTong University Rail Transit Industrial Education Institute

Teams use technical skills related to rail transit operations to complete technical skills tasks or innovative designs. The competition mainly involves the following contents:

(1) Station layout and passenger flow line design;

(2) Train operation scheme design;

(3) Running chart editing;

(4) Vehicle operation plan;

(5) Crew plan;

(6) Operation scheduling.