Urban Rail Transit Line Engineering Competition


2021 National Industry Vocational Skills Competition-National Rail Transit Safety Emergency Vocational Skills Competition (Urban Rail Transit Line Engineering Competition) is sponsored by Human Resources Guarantee Department of the People's Republic of China and jointly held by relevant departments, industrial organizations and local governments. It is a national second category event with the widest professional coverage, the largest number of contestants, the greatest social impact, and the most comprehensive co sponsoring departments. Yoodao Technology as a cooperative enterprise provides technical support for the Competition.

"Yoodao Cup" Urban Rail Transit Line Engineering Competition, the major category is Transportation, including Urban Rail Transit Engineering Technology, Urban Rail Transit Engineering Technology, Railway Engineering Surveying, Railway Construction and Maintenance and other majors.

Focusing on the Rail Transit Engineering Technology, the competition comprehensively examined the contestants' professional skills in the inspection and detection of line equipment and ancillary facilities, the application of routine maintenance, repair and disease treatment of lines, and professional operation specifications. Promoting studing, teaching, training, evaluation, and construction through the competition, provide a solid foundation for comprehensively improving the quality of workers and promoting high-quality economic development, create glorious labor, valuable skills, and great social customs, and provide a strong talent guarantee for building a socialist modern country in an all-round way.