Curriculum Resource

Product System

Yoodao has product system for Railway, Urban Rail, Aviation, Emerging Technology, and Curriculum Resources. The products involved can meet the practical teaching requirements of applied undergraduate, higher vocational, secondary vocational, technicians, rail transit and aviation related majors. It can also be used in scientific research competitions and employee training in various subway group companies, railway bureaus, civil aviation, general aviation and other industry units.

Curriculum Resource

Curriculum resource enrich the connotation of major construction, support the construction of curriculum system, with the support for teaching and learning as the core, it explores the best application practice of integrating curriculum resource with traditional teaching and online teaching.

Four Advantages

  • Focus on Major

    Focus on Rail Transit Education, and systematically support the construction of Rail Transit related majors.

  • Experience Accumulation

    The curriculum resource R & D Engineers are expert and engineer with many years of experience in industry service and teaching product R & D.

  • Rich and Practical

    Taking the real typical work project tasks of the industry as the main line, design and develop various types of curriculum resources, which are rich and practical.

  • Resource Sharing

    Yoodao cooperates with partner universities and Industry Alliances to jointly develop and share achievements and resources.

Type and Scale

  • Curriculum Outline
  • Micro Lesson
  • Lesson Plan
  • Short Video
  • Mission Book
  • 2D Animation
  • Instruction Manual
  • Exercise
  • Loose-leaf Textbook
  • Task based teaching materials for vocational projects
  • Interactive Teaching Materials
  • 3D Simulation