Co-construction Major

Co-construction Major

Yoodao Technology based on enterprise project management experience, combined with rich teaching experience and rich industry service experience, builded major and Majors-Group with colleges and universities, and conducts 5S characteristic teaching.

Co-construction Major

Co-construction Major cooperation includes, but is not limited to, co-construction of a talent training system, co-construction of teachers, co-construction of platforms, co-construction of teaching resource banks, co-construction of innovation and entrepreneurship bases and other cooperation.

Talent Training Goals

1."Learning(teaching and learning), Competition(skills competition), Training(practical training), and Production(cultivating industry-necessary talents)" have become a model for school-enterprise cooperation across the country to cultivate applied-skilled talents.
2.The combination of point, line and plane realizes major comprehensive reform. (Point: the value point of both parties; line: talent training as the main line; plane: multi-faceted cooperation in teaching, platform, resources, teachers, etc.).
3.Leading the industry with cutting-edge technology, organizing customized training on demand, and building a talent training value chain with deep integration of multi-party cooperation.


  • Cooperation Mode One

    1.Carry out joint training for three years
    2.Both schools and enterprises jointly formulate talent training programs
    3.Implement teaching according to the teaching proportion
    4.In the first two years in the school, the company sent lecturers to teach
    5.In the last year, students go to the enterprise base to study
    6.Base completion: project training, graduation design, completion of employment docking, etc.

  • Cooperation Mode Two

    1. Joint training operates in the "N+M" mode:
    "N" represents the number of school-led school years
    "M" represents the number of business-led school years
    The "M" stage includes: project training, graduation design, employment docking, etc.

    2.Reference modes include "1.5+1.5", "2+1", etc.


Cooperative Contents

Safety Management System

The enterprise training base adopts the three-in-one management system of Education, Rules and Regulations, Reward and Punishment and Emergency Handling Center in terms of student safety management: