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Enterprise concept


Lead the reform of China's Transportation engineering education practice by Science and Technology, realize the Intergration of Informatization and Industrialization: Intellectualized of educational products + Intellectualized of educational services


To become the leader in practical teaching of Transportation Engineering Education in China.


Value equivalence & Benefit balance

Yoodao Family

The "teams" with innovation and passion, and " family" with warmth and temperature

The Yoodao Family was established on July 1, 2018. The purpose of Yoodao Family is to protect employees, respect employees, serve sincerely, love employees, understand employees, and care for employees. The members of Yoodao Family insist on serving the company's production and operation, maximize the protection, mobilization and exertion of the enthusiasm of the majority of employees, ensure the institutionalization and normalization of employee benefits, and build a service-oriented Yoodao Family. Yoodao Family has been built into an entertainment center and a life mutual assistance center.

The purpose of Yoodao Family is to enrich employees' spare time life and create a harmonious and positive working environment. Through diverse cultural concepts, different activity forms, and different welfare experiences for Yoodao employees, in each phase of activities, Yoodao Family plays an "important role" for the company and contributes to promoting the company's corporate culture construction made a huge contribution.

Purpose: to form the company's characteristic cultural concept, create a good working environment, enhance employees' sense of belonging, and stimulate employees' enthusiasm and work creativity.

1. Improve employees' sense of identity and participation in corporate culture.
2. Establish rules and regulations to ensure the effective development of corporate culture construction.
3. Stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees.
4. Enrich employees' amateur cultural life and create a cultural atmosphere of learning, innovation and transcendence.

Yoodao Family Welfare

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