Curriculum Resource  Construction

Curriculum Resource Construction

Based on the integration of industrialization and industrialization, relying on the construction of curriculum resources, facing urban rail transit, school-enterprise cooperation, linking the supply-side of talent training with the demand-side of industries, integrating advantageous resources of enterprises and industries, promoting the integration and fusion of specialty teaching resources, and optimizing the structure of teaching resources , continuously improve the quality of application-oriented talent training, and explore new paths for specialty construction and development.

Curriculum Resource Construction

Curriculum resource enrich the connotation of specialty construction and support the construction of the curriculum system. With the support for teaching and learning as the core, it explores the best application practice of integrating curriculum resource with traditional teaching and online teaching.

Curriculum Resource ConstructionCurrent Situation and Problem Analysis

Construction Goal

1.Build curriculum resources to support specialty development and talent training needs. Support majors covering Urban Rail Transit Communication Signal Technology, Electromechanical Technology, Operation and Management, and Vehicle Technology. Benchmark majors to cultivate target post groups, organize practical training according to the ability training needs of majors involved in completing typical work tasks, and develop supporting curriculum resource.

2.Relying on curriculum resource, improve the competition level of school vocational skills competitions, promoting teaching and learning with competitions. While meeting the needs of specialty teaching. Develop curriculum resource for the training needs of vocational skills competitions.

3.Relying on the construction of curriculum resource to help the construction of major teachers. Through resource content construction, school-enterprise exchanges, major seminars, joint research and development, etc., to improve practical teaching resources and teachers' teaching service capabilities, explore project-based practical teaching implementation plans, and improve the school's overall practical teaching level.

4.The construction of curriculum resource supports the construction of "Double High" and the implementation of the "1+X" certificate system.

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